About you

You work in or are involved with, either a start-up or established, manufacturing or service organisation in the public, private or non-profit sector.

Improving process quality and performance

Business Owner and/or
Board Member

As an owner, investor and/or guardian, your have principal responsibility for the organisation’s health and wealth.

Your concerns may include one or more of the following symptoms:

  • inadequate growth
  • inadequate innovation
  • declining market share
  • declining organisational reputation
  • insufficient profit
  • disproportionately rising costs
  • apparent organisational dysfunction
  • increasing calls on your valuable time to address quality and/or performance crisis

Being a member of the senior leadership team, you have probably realised that one or more areas of the business need improvement.

Some of the symptoms you might experience include: 

  • stress resulting from owner/Board pressure to ‘fix’ the issue(s)
  • some/many of your KPIs trending in the wrong direction
  • a dysfunctional leadership or senior management team
  • low morale, disillusion and stress amongst staff
  • increasing calls on your time (and that of your senior staff) to manage escalations – often of a repeating or similar nature
  • a blame or ‘whodunnit?’ culture
  • alternatively, you may experience few, if any of these symptoms  – however, you may be experiencing a long-standing, repeating or one-off issue which is seriously impacting you and your customers with respect to quality, time and/or cost

As a manager and/or supervisor, you are probably that bit closer to your organisation’s coal-face or front-line – you are ‘in amongst it’.

Some of what you experience might include: 

  • stress – everyone seems to be ‘on your case’
  • a real sense of frustration at why your processes and systems just don’t seem to work for you and your colleagues and staff
  • increasing amounts of time dealing with escalations from customers and your own staff – ‘fire fighting’
  • low morale, disillusion and stress amongst staff
  • suppliers who are late and with poor quality adding fuel to your numerous and growing fires
  • having to deal with the same or similar issues…repeatedly
  • struggling to see how things might improve and becoming cynical
Man in forest at fork in the path

Regardless of your position within your organisation, when confronted by any of these situations or symptoms, you have a choice. Do you react – possibly based on an emotional urge or instinct or alternatively, do you respond in a more rational and considered fashion based on your experiential awareness and wisdom? Do you do what you want to do or what is needed for the good of your customers and your organisation?

All of these symptoms have one factor in common – they are latent indicators of other underlying root-causes. It is easy to blame someone, anyone. However, in our experience these issues often find their origins in undesirable cultural and systemic norms.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start, you don’t have the time or you don’t have the in-house expertise.

To discuss your issues of concern and how a Continuous Improvement approach would help you, do please contact us.