We provide training for both new and refreshed skills across many aspects of Continuous Improvement. Where possible, we recommend that training be associated with some value-add business improvement project(s). This aids with engagement, application and learning beyond the ‘classroom’.

Learning has not taken place until behaviour has changed. – Bob Pike


We frequently encounter organisations with staff who have previously been trained in and/or who have some experience with Continuous Improvement. However, these skills are often found to be under-utilised, dormant or simply lying undiscovered.

With some effective coaching, these employees can be given the chance to rekindle their interest, polish their skills and add tremendous value for both the organisation and themselves. To discuss coaching options please do contact us.


An objective, independent and external perspective can bring real clarity to business issues. From Continuous Improvement advice through process (re)design and implementation to single issue troubleshooting, we can help your organisation improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes. Do please contact us.



Need help in understanding and resolving a single-issue event or crisis? Our origins in effective root-cause analysis can help you and your team(s) to effectively understand and resolve those issues that are either genuinely ‘one-offs’ or as is more typical, annoyingly repetitive – the ones that just won’t seem to go away.

We are extremely pleased with our record in successfully supporting clients to analyse and resolve quality, performance and behavioural issues. So if you need support in this area then please do contact us for support.